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Digital Network Maturity Assessment

Legacy networks are becoming bottlenecks for business in the digital age. You need more bandwidth, stronger security, and reliable connectivity to compete effectively. Complete the digital network maturity assessment below to discover your network readiness, and receive a complimentary network readiness consultation based on your results.

Complete the survey below.

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4. How would you characterise your organisation’s network architecture today? *

Designed end-to-end but still hardware driven

Siloed and hardware driven

Fully software defined and cloud enabled

Starting to adopting some form of software defined (WAN/Access)

5. How automated is your network today? *

Limited automation via basic image and device config

Relies on manual

End to end controller based automation integrated with policy and analytics

Controller based automation in separate domains (Campus/WAN/Cloud)

6. To what extent is your organisation taking advantage of network analytics and insights? *

We can do some correlations of events with alerts from users, apps and devices with a lot of effort

Not at all - we look at individual device level data when we need to

We use predictive analytics and network automation to dynamically adjust policies and maximise performance and availability

Our network has some basic alerting and forecasting to help us take preventative steps

7. To what extent does your organisation you use Wi-Fi enabled location analytics? *

Our Wi-Fi is capable of location based analytics – but we haven’t implemented any use cases

Our Wi-Fi doesn’t support any location based analytics

We use location based analytics to automate engagement with customers and staff based on real time data

Our Wi-Fi can generate location information, heatmaps and detailed analytics – we are looking at use cases

8. How advanced is your network security today? *

We configure our network security via a centralised controls and access policy

We manually configure our network security device by device

Our network self protects by using predictive analytics to prevent and respond to emerging threats

Our network can reactively detect and respond to contain threats

9. How does your organisation ensure users have an optimised application experience? *

We can optimise all our apps using policy/controller based end to end QoS

We manually configure end to end QoS for apps like voice

The network can automatically adapt to deliver superior application performance

We apply end-to-end QoS via policy/controller AND can validate a user’s experience